This rugged, precise mechanical meter register is designed for all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. This register totalizes and displays high-speed deliveries and transactions in large, easy-to-read figures.
Key features:
  • Highly visible display
  • Bullet proof construction
  • Accurate readings up to 99,999,999 units
Key benefits:
  • High-visibility digital display for optimum readability in all ambient lighting
  • Bulletproof construction for maximum dependability at high delivery speeds
  • Positive-action knob reset avoids errors
  • Built-in precision totalizer means accurate readings up to 99,999,999 units
Versatile design fits all popular flow meters in refinery operations, pipelines, liquid storage facilities and trucking/distribution
Speed: 250 rpm off right Register wheel.
Drive Torque: During counting, average running torque at room temperature with a 1:1 ratio gear plate is 4 oz.-in. (2.8 N-cm). During display wheel transfer from all 9's to all 0's, the torque may reach 16 oz.-in. (11.3 N-cm).
Number of Figures: Delivery display: 5. Totalizer: 8 Size of Figures: Delivery display: 0.750" high, 0.400" wide (19.05, 10.16 mm).
Totalizer: 0.125" high, 0.078" wide (3.18, 1.98 mm).
Color of Figures: White on black, except black on white right totalizer wheel designating tenths. Others optional.
Character Configuration: 0 to 9. Models available with tenths indicated by decimal point. Options available.
Reset: Knob.
Operating Temperature Range: -40 degrees to +71 degrees C (-40 degrees to +160 degrees F).
Style of Figures: Veeder-Root/Cornell for optimum readability of all primary displays. Mounting: Eight 1/4 X 28 tapped holes with steel inserts on 6-5/8" (168.275 mm) diameter. Special adaptors are available to convert nearly all meters to accept this register.
Construction: Cover: cast aluminum. Sub-frames and case: cast Zamak. Finished in corrosion resistant epoxy.
Wheels, pinions and clutch: acetal resin.
Gearing: 1:1 is standard. 1:1 through 42:1 are available.
Lubrication: Periodic.
Rated Life: 50,000 reset cycles or 25,000,000 revolutions of right wheel, whichever comes first, under normal operating conditions.