Series MD & HD Internal Gear Pumps

General Purpose application pumps utilising the renowned 'Internal Gear' Principle - only two basic moving parts.  A complete range of highly efficient pumps which off excellent self priming capabilities, quiet operation, smooth continuous flow, low shear, reversible flow, minimal maintenance and simplicity.
Constructional Features
  • Mechanical Seal or Gland Packing
  • Heavy Duty Bearings
  • Heating / Cooling Jackets
  • Integral bypass valve optional
  • Variety of porting configurations
  • Heavy duty design
Materials of Construction
  • Casing : Cast Iron,SG Iron, Steel, SS
  • Rotors :SG Iron, Steel,SS
  • Shaft : High Tensile Steel
  • Corrotion andabration resistant materials are available to meet specification
Range of Performance - HD
  • Flows to 40lits/Sec
  • Pressures to 2,000 kPa
  • Viscosities to 1,000,000cSt
  • Temperatures from-40°C to350°C
Range of Performance - MD
  • Flows to 20 lits/Sec
  • Pressures to 1,300 kPa
  • Viscosities to 1,000,000 cSt
  • Temperatures from -40°C to 350°C